Big Brother 20 Recap: A New Romance And A Secret Power Could Change The Game

Big Brother

The first week of Big Brother has passed smoothly. Tonight’s episode will give us all same fun. We opt to get undercover kisses, emotional robots, Swaggy C and BB App store. It’s a relaxing episode although full of drama and fun. We can spend a little more time with our personal 16 guesthouses.

As a result of Tyler’s nominations, HOH is taking things so complicatedly. Even his nominees are, but reality comes out to be entirely deferent, as his tears were just a screenplay just to neutralize rest of the house.  On the other hand, Sam-bot holds a court in a storage room. It was a signal for rest of the house to ensure her safety and control her volume levels. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn entered as a motivation and aggressively tell Sam for the strength of refusal competition.

Sam is no one’s mock, as he slicks some tea about Kaitlyn’s flirty behavior. “You wouldn’t be able to get into the hot tub with Fessy!” she replies.

Big Brother

Well, she encouraged herself to give BB App and side eye as well. Kaitlyn manages to spend his week without packing to home. But mugging Sam was certainly a thing to be considered seriously.

Big Brother house, yet showed a certain glimpse of friendship.  Steve & Scottie, who’d have thought? Kaycee has to deal with her punishment, while, rest of the house is busy in celebrating Rock star’s birthday.

Luckily, her association with Winston, Brett, Tyler, Rachel, and Angela has gone stronger. Even now, they are named as a group.  Level Six-shades of El Cuatro?  All meet in the HOH room as Tyler talked about Kaitlyn, that she made maximum efforts to nominate Angela and Winston. Tyler sees this association as her safety, to run through the finals smoothly. Although, no alliance in Big Brother house has lasted long until yet. Who knows what’s going to happen in level 6?

Meanwhile, when am association is building stronger, another one is just cracking down its way. As Bayleigh and Swaggy C seems to have a 4-minute breakup and makeup session. Swaggy C consider Bayleigh as an interruption to victory. While Bayleigh called him a “Cocky Mess”. And announced that he has boycotted him. Thus, this association has ended in smoke. So, we see a dump gender biased politics in a home. While, after this Swaggy C suddenly came up with a new jerky statement that: “The girls always win, the guys always go home,”

He said this in the diary room. Without noticing the fact that winning number of male members is much more than females. 13-6.


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