Best Screen Printing In Stoke-On-Trent?

screen printing Stoke-on-Trent

T-Shirt Printing services are one of the most reliable companies proving the best screen printing Stock-on-Trent. We are using both DTG and screen printing methods to fulfil your all the requirements.

You will find many companies that are providing professional services for screen printing Stock-on-Trent. Due to high demand for screen printing, many companies started printing T-shirts with Screen printing method for their customers. T-Shirts can also be printed with DTG printing, but screen printing has some suitable features for big businesses.

The T-shirt is a random type of dressing that everyone wears commonly. People do not like to wear a simple t-shirt, that’s why they demand stylishly printed t-shirts. We can also print the t-shirt according to our needs through DTG printing. Because it is straightforward to use. We can move the DTG printing machine from a place to another place quickly. But, there is a massive difference between screen printing and DTG printing. Although their purpose is the same, the features are very different. We can discuss the difference between screen printing and DTG printing thoroughly.

Difference between Screen printing and DTG printing:

Screen printing:

Screen printing is a useful method for printing the t-shirts or any other fabric item in a large scale business. The best thing is that in screen printing we can write a large number of shirts at a time. The quality of the print is also outstanding. That’s why there is a massive demand for screen printing in Stock-on-Trent. However, there is a need of massive investment if anyone wants to start printing business with screen printing. It requires more space and also very difficult to use. Therefore, a person cannot write his/her shirt with screen printing in the house.

There are some facts about screen printing. Screen printing machine can print any design on the shirts. But there could be some difficulties in the case of colourful designs. Screen printing is an old method of reproducing the shirts that’s why it is not able to print intricate designs in fast speed.

DTG printing:

DTG means Direct to the garment. In this method, we can directly print the T-shirt within few seconds. We have to place the blank t-shirt in it and turn on the printing machine. It will print the t-shirt within the shortest possible time. However, the capacity of DTG printing to print the t-shirts is deficient. It can publish only a few shirts at a time which is not suitable for prominent printing institutes. Besides that, there are some benefits of DTG printing. It is effortless to move it from a place to another place because of its minimal size. A person can start printing t-shirts with minimum investment. The result of printing is also excellent in this method.

The speed of printing colourful designs is comparatively faster than screen printing. Besides all these qualities, a prominent printing institute cannot use it in its business. Because of its minimal capacity to print the shirts.


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