Best Princess Cut Diamond Rings for You.

Princess cut diamond rings

When you are going to buy Princess cut Diamond Rings focus on some things. Moreover, there are many ways to make them appear larger from their original size. There is quite some little trick you can find the original size. If you put these things properly then you will get the original carat weight.

Applications of Princess cut diamond rings:

Princess cut diamond rings are being used for women jewelry. They are used for making bracelet, rings, necklace and pendants of girls. Nowadays, three stone rings are very popular. It is said that three stones are the presentation of future, past and present. In addition, adding two small stones on left and right and the main stone in the centre makes the whole thing more elegant.

That is because the eye will catch the main stone and other two small stones add more beauty to the ring.

Type of Diamond Products:

The style of your ring is the most important part of your buying. Your precious diamond reflects the choice of your partner and you. There will be classic, modern and vintage choices that reflect both of you. Here are several colors, setting and builds to choose. Here is some most popular style:

  • Solitaire Engagement Rings
  • Halo Engagement Ring
  • Three-Stone Engagement Ring
  • Side-Stone Engagement Ring
  • Split Shank Engagement Ring
  • Bridal Sets
  • Shoulder Set Engagement Rings

A solitaire is the much popular style in engagements rings. This design features a single stone. A set of diamond with four or six prongs on a silver, platinum or gold band. The simplicity of solitaire made them more elegant. Even, these rings are simple and classic. Another, salient feature of customized rings are also available.

Shoulder Set Engagement Ring:

Shoulder set engagement ring contains one central stone and shoulder diamonds which adds more beauty to it. These rings are also available in metals. One must try to mix different diamonds shape and colours to ma an elegant ring. It has also further subring of shoulder solitaire rings which are: Parallel shoulders, Tapering Shoulders etc.

  • Parallel Shoulders
  • Tapering Shoulders
  • Diamond Shoulders- Channel Set
  • Twisted Shoulders
  • Split Shoulders

Hatton Garden Rings:

Hatton Garden group is a leading brand in London. Each of our stores offers the best quality diamonds ring and our speciality is bespoke jewelry. We offer to customize the ring option where one can choose each and every aspect of a ring. This customize option can get after meeting our expert. Moreover, we provide a service to our client of CAD so they can check and view how exactly the ring will look. In addition, we offer diamond jewelry repair service. Visit our nearest store and get all your desired things.

Five Things to Know:

Buying a ring for your partner is the most important and difficult task. You have to keep an eye on many aspects like the style, design and size of the ring. Therefore, if you fail to match these things may be your event will be excel. So here are five things to know before buying a ring for your partner.

  • Budget
  • Know your Woman
  • Reference
  • Understanding the Science
  • Finger Size

Finger size is the most important thing when buying a ring. It can add a ton of happiness in your joy.


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