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Tray and Sleeve Box

If anyone of you is looking for the services of tray and sleeve boxes, must consider RSF packaging to get these services. The company offers its great services of quality boxes to its valuable customers at reasonable rates. However, the Tray and Sleeve Box experts and professionals do not compromise on their reputation and guarantee their services to their customers.

Numerous companies are facilitating their customers by providing them tray and sleeve boxes made of top quality material. The demand for these boxes is increasing day by day. And people want to get the best possible services in this regard. However, they use a process to make reliable and durable Tray and Sleeve Box.  The satisfy the needs and desires of their most demanding customers.

Use of Tray Boxes with Sleeves:

There are many benefits of having the tray boxes with sleeves because they can utilise for different purposes. It has a variety of interests in the market and industries. Such as they can use these boxes in the fashion and cosmetic industry. Additionally, they have strong demand in other sectors that include gifting, ornaments, Tray and Sleeve Box, and for beautiful expensive jewellery items. People can also use them for some other purposes where they think it suits and meets the requirements. Moreover, the Tray and Sleeve Box can be used to display chewing gum, candies, soap, computer software, toys, and DVD and CDs.


The company tries its level best to tailor maximum requirements of the valuable clients, and they do so. It can see that people ask for these boxes and put different demands that suit their products that they want to place in that box. However, the requirements vary in various dimensions such as people ask for different sizes of boxes from the company. RSF packaging offers tray and sleeve boxes in all custom sizes that allow customers to trust their quality services and rely on them.

Staff Members:

The company only recruit those who have some types of professional and experienced background in the related field. They deal with their customers with their friendly behaviour and patiently. Besides, they guide their customers and give independent and impartial advice to them. But at the same time, they do not impose their suggestion on their customers. They provide them with an opportunity to give the final decision. And they feel responsible for doing their job according to the requirement and demand of their customers.

Printing services:

The company always maintain its reputation and respect. In the market and know that people prefer those companies who provide up to date services to their customers. They offer standard and durable printing services to their customers without asking for extra money. They have the latest machines for printing purposes that include CMYK and PMS. Those who do not want prints on the boxes. They also entertain those people and manufacture boxes without printing on them. However, they have eco-friendly Kraft, and corrugated and flute stoke. When someone asks for the paper stick from their professional members of staff.

Default process:

In manufacturing the tray boxes with sleeves, the company uses different options of default processing in this regard. They prefer to die cutting, glueing, scoring, and perforation in this very process. They follow the process every time to guarantee their quality services to their valued customers. Moreover, for the coating process, they use gloss, matte, and spot UV to ensure the quality of the coating of boxes. They offer a variety of options to their valued customers in which they include custom window cut out, raising ink, PVC sheets, embossing, and also foiling of gold and silver.

Best Prices:

RSF packaging offers all their comprehensive at very reasonable prices because they have objective to facilitate their customers with economical rates. They do not charge any hidden or extra amount from their customers and allow them to save a handsome amount of money. They give an estimate of the whole product Tray and Sleeve Box before start working so that it may not create an issue in the future dealings. However, the customer can choose the services that meet his requirements and also suitable for his budget.

Appealing and Attractive:

Sleeve boxes add some more in attractiveness and appealing of the product inside the box with different styles and designs. However, these boxes also help the users to keep the products safe and secure from the outside disturbance and other environmental hazards. Moreover, it allows people to boost their brand’s image as well as for promotional purposes. It is a hardcore fact that packaging and boxes attract people more than the variety and quality of the product inside that wrap.

Guarantee Services:

The company guarantees all their services because they are confident enough that they use standard and quality material in manufacturing. They provide the facility of free shipping and online payment system to their valued customers. And allow them to check their credibility. However, they do not let their customers down at any cost and do not leak any private information. That enables them to rely on their services without any doubts in their mind and hesitation. Moreover, they have monitoring department that also minimises the risk of fraud and corruption during transactions made by an electronic payment system.


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