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Android App Development

Android App Development

Over additional than a decade on the market, Neurol Tech has gained a status as one of the most dependable Android app development companies. Whether you necessitate an app for an Android Smartphone, wearable, or TV. We can assist you construct a solid solution that works on each device despite of brand and your manufacturing of operation. Furthermore, our experts know every angle of the Android podium, down to its core. We have the know-how of working with all Android device type, brand, and custom ecosystem. Our mobile app development services will provide you a steadfast product that appeals to the platform’s users.

Moreover, as a leading android app development company that provides innovative android app development solutions to businesses around the world, Folio 3 is focused on creating apps with a wide array of features. That features facilitates our customers to expand the unparalleled business worth and a perimeter over their competition. Our group of Mobile app developers delivers apps to tackle the hurriedly changing technologies as well as your deliberate business objectives through a pioneering approach. We guarantee to craft a user-friendly app edge that can enhance output and maximizes revenue generation.

Advanced and Innovative App Development Process

As a foremost android app development company, we work on discovering fresh technological changes. And we also discover app trends by the thoughtful all noteworthy and applicable features of the newest Android versions. We also acquire into account future completion challenges, while leveraging our practice and the art of keeping things straightforward. At Neurol tech, Android app developers present technology-driven solutions that are praiseworthy.

Keeping Up With What’s Trending

Moreover, Neurol tech has the top mobile app developers who take you the most inclusive Android App Development Services with key acquaintance of industry trends. With a confirmed track record of creating the most rewarding apps for customers globally, Neurol tech brings to you exceedingly pioneering android applications. We stand out as the paramount android app development company by delivering projects to customers on time.

Native Android App Development

Our android app developers have a brawny command when it comes to developing native Android apps using C++, JavaScript, and other chief scripting languages. furthermore, separately from this, we focus on cross-platform app development and passage of obtainable apps from supplementary platforms to Android. We amalgamate advanced tech gears that power-struck our app’s boundary to surpass competitors.

Hybrid Android App Development

Furthermore, our lineup offers enormous proficiency in mounting hybrid android apps using web technologies like HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript. Consumers have prearranged immense feedback for all our hybrid android apps and this vicinity remains one of our core powers. We make certain to hoist the bars of quality standards each time a project hits the dashboard.

Your Business is Our Prime Concern

Moreover, our android app development services are paying attention to delivering accurately what our customers anticipate us to convey. We make a memorandum of each feature to make sure functionality while offering you just the features you necessitate to make easy whatever tasks your app is being developed for. Gratifying your requirements is the foundation stone of our services.

What Android App Development Services We Offer

From design to development to trying and hold up, we make available back-to-back mobile app development services. So that we can assist you to put up a new app for Android or port your obtainable iOS app to Android.

Full-cycle Development

As a result, the Neurol Tech players develop, design, test, and preserve all sorts of Android applications. We endow with an occupied collection of development services and can extent your team with expert developers when needed.

Code Audit
A code review is a service that Neurol tech provides to customers with a vacant code base that they desire to improve. Our team reviews and examines code superiority. And makes a catalog of prioritized improvements that can sway code presentation, velocity, and constancy.
Rescue mission

Rescue mission is an overhaul for projects with code that no longer meets business supplies. This code might be deliberate, have loads of bugs, or contain issues with the structural design and scalability. To solve these troubles we inspection the code. And we generate a renewal plan and stick to it to offer you the most excellent results.

Server-side APIs for Android apps

We can make bigger the functionality of an Android app with a server-less architecture and insert a back-end to it. To execute this, we generate a server for the app and an API for effectual communique flanked by the mobile interface and the server.

Transform Your Brand Identity with Innovative Apps

When a gigantic team of competent developers and experts are working to reinforce your brand’s digital attendance you want to step up the amusement by having an exceedingly superior native app developed for the Android display place. We encompass the unequaled know-how that will power-struck your brand and increase its customer’s congregation potential ones nearer to your business. You will dig up to familiarity improved online visibility and top grade in the Google Play Store. So, let’s not dissipate any minute and get on discussing the necessities for your app. We are now for you to direct you all through the app development method.

Our Clients Choose Us Because We Excel At

Efficient Project Management:

To avoid financial plan overruns, put off-timetable slips, and diminish project risks, we’ve formed a solid Project Management Office whose aspire is to make certain the product we’re working on meets our patrons and end-users’ prospect. Our project managers take possession of the extent, schedule, finances, and squad to deliver your product with no drawback.

Clear Communication:

Here at Neurol Tech, we modernize communication between patrons and teams by creating a communication sketch that schedules and explains all every day, weekly and monthly calls and conferences. That’s how we ensure all stakeholders have an obvious vision of your business objectives.

Consistent Delivery:

For the best output, we use a variety of software development methodologies and techniques counting Scrum, Scrum ban, and the Scaled Agile skeleton depending on the project size and type. A nimble and hands-on approach permits us to convey your project on time while avoiding emergency work, rework, and plan slides.

Fast On-boarding:

Our patrons are from all over the sphere, so we know how to institute and update communication and alliance. All our professionals are smooth in English and prolong to progress their language skills daily. Our objective is to make differences in time, mores, and location barely visible.

Scaling On-Demand:

We consider our customers should have as only some doubts as possible. That’s why when circumstances alter and you require augmenting the size of your team, we add as many people as desired to end everything on time. We assemble the paramount multi-skilled specialists for you!

Decisions Based on Relevant Data:

To fetch your business objectives to life and generate an app that will comprise a towering demand on the market, the Neurol Tech team achieves business and market research. The imminent we acquire from this research led us to figure a trait list to gratify your end customers’ desires.


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