7 Most Common Jobs In Islamabad In Healthcare Sector

Jobs in islamabad
Jobs in islamabad

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, and more than forty percent of its population is a working-class or doing jobs. In case you want to know about the current jobs in Islamabad Healthcare Sector, then it’s time to know all about it.


jobs in islamabad
jobs in islamabad

Skin issues are prevalent all over the country, and it’s not just Islamabad where men and women are facing such issues. With the rising trend of TikTok and social media, people become extra conscious of the way they look. Therefore, residents of Islamabad are always searching for the best dermatologist who can handle a wide variety of skin issues. Two common skin problems are acne and scars. People who have these issues lose their confidence. Dermatologists offer a wide variety of treatments through which people of all ages can find better skincare solutions. Dermatologist jobs in Islamabad are quite common. After doing MBBS, many doctors opt for a specialization in skin and health care issues. A dermatologist can earn more than 50,000 per month.

Orthopedic Surgeon

jobs in islamabad
jobs in islamabad

Another common healthcare problem in Pakistan is weak bones and muscle stretches. For some people, it’s quite common to take a pain killer that can relieve their muscles. However, other problems are severe, and therefore, they need to consult with orthopedic surgeons. Many clinics and hospitals post jobs of orthopedic surgeons who mainly work with a musculoskeletal system that comprises joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. A surgeon commonly addresses tumors, injuries, infection, and trauma that require surgical intervention. He has to offer both out-patient and in-patient services. Many surgeons are working full-time for the emergency department. Orthopedic Surgeon jobs in Islamabad are widespread, and you can expect to earn more than two lakh from this job.

Staff Nurse

A nurse is an integral part of the healthcare department, no matter it’s a clinic or hospital. The job of a nurse is to offer immediate medical care and attention to the patient. She/he administers medications prescribed by the doctor. An experienced nurse has to manage intravenous lines. Its duty of a nurse is to adequately monitor and observe the patient’s condition and keep a full record of his health. The nurse needs to give proper updates to the doctor about the patient’s health. A full-time duty nurse can make more than 25,000 per month.

Procurement Specialist

They are also named as purchasing managers. Many hospitals rely heavily on procurement specialists whose job is to manage supplies in the healthcare center. This specialist connects with vendors and tries to get the best price for every product required in a hospital or clinic. He is expert in devising those strategies and solutions through which the healthcare sector save money and better manage the cost of supplies and vendor services. Other duties of this specialist are resolving the issue related to a price dispute, keeping full track of orders, and coming up with the best bids for vendors’ services. This specialist has a specific budget in hand, which must be well-managed and controlled. You can make more than 30,000 PKR per month from these jobs of procurement specialists in Islamabad.


A pharmacist is an expert in the pharmacy field. His job is to supervise, motivate, and monitor team performance. Maintain a full record of pricing and available inventory. He keeps an eye on the activity reports submitted by the sales executive. Must provide a full description of the pharmacy sector to the supervisor or medical officer. Needs to take full control of expenses and stay within budget limits. He is an expert who can make the best marketing plan for the products.

What is a Medical Officer?

The progress of many healthcare centers and clinic relies on the Chief Medical Officer, who keeps full track of work and performance of other physicians and doctors in the center. He works as an advisor for healthcare issues. If there are any inconsistencies and problems, then he is the one who will investigate the matter and provide an accurate report. If a clinic is running clinical trial programs, then he will manage it all. The jobs in Islamabad for medical officers and chief medical officers are less common, and as most of the time, expert physicians take this job designation. However, there is more than five percent job growth of this specific job position in the private sector.

Emergency Management Coordinator

You never know what will happen next in your life. Therefore, health centers and clinics are always prepared for emergencies. The job of an emergency management coordinator is to keep a place well-prepared for disasters, community emergency or some other unforeseen incidence. You don’t know when a bomb blast can change the scenario. He is an expert in safety and emergency handling, therefore he can better manage every case scenario. You can earn about PKR 30,000 per month from Coordinator jobs in Islamabad.


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