5 Ways To Use Decorated Jars For Wedding

Decorated Jars For Wedding

At events like a wedding where you have to manage a lot of expenses already, it doesn’t hurt to opt for a budget-friendly option that looks as good as the expensive one. Nowadays Decorated Jars For Wedding have become trendy, and one of the best bases for wedding decorations is jars yes! Jars. Inexpensive looks cute and refreshing and serves its purpose well. Here are ways you can use decorated pots for weddings.

Decorated Jars For Wedding And Drinks

Everyone loves a little pop of colour so if you have colourful cocktails. The best way to make them look aesthetically pleasing is pouring them in decorated jars for wedding purpose it would give it a rustic look, and you get to and your personal touch of decor to make it unique and beautiful. Make drinking even more fun by putting in some DIY magic to it.

Flower Arrangements

Flowers are an essential for any wedding to add a pop of color use jars as a vase for your flowers a single jar could be enough to get a lot of compliments, but you can put a few pots with fresh flowers in it to make a flower arrangement out of it. Herbs either you pick rose or lilies as long as they are new they will look beautiful, and with the decorated jars they would serve as a  cute wedding decor.


Glass jars are see-through and they look beautiful with beautiful things inside it gives the natural and refreshing look to any event. You can use decorated pots for weddings as centrepieces pt some light source fairy light or a candle pour in some colourful glass beads rose petals or pretty rocks. Add a touch of nature in your wedding glass jars can be decorated in multiple ways to fit your personal style and can be used a centrepiece.


Everyone loves desserts and desserts look more yummy when presented right if you put layered s’mores in plate no matter how much delicious it might be. It wouldn’t look ready to eat n boring and plain on the other side if you put s’mores in a glass jar with all its chocolaty goodness on display. People would be more excited for the desert, so this is another way you can use glass jars as an attention grabber at your wedding.

Hanging decor

The hanging decor has started catching people’s eye, especially for outdoor weddings. It gives out an elegant and breezy look to the event; you can take variations of sizes of glass jars to decorate them however you like according to your wedding theme and hang them fill them with rose petals colour them with translucent paint to make them look more appealing.

DIYing can reduce the cost of your fantastic wedding that might be costing you a little too much and make it look like it really was expensive, Glass jars can be used for the above-mentioned decors and there are more than these ways to decorate pots for weddings. Make your wedding look like a blast and make people remember how elegant and beautiful your wedding was by trying out the above mentioned crafts.


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