10 most inspiring couple games ideas

Wedding Anniversary game ideas
Wedding Anniversary game ideas

Parties are fun, joyful events that leave lasting memories to both the celebrants and their guests, and anniversary celebrations are no exception. The anniversary celebration itself presents still another chance of creating new memories with the couple and their family and friends. True love is worth observing and what better way than to celebrate it with friends and loved ones.

Find your mate : 

You will need:

  • Small cloth

How to play:

In the wedding anniversary game ideas it is one of the most romantic game. The catch of this game isn’t a lip movement. Blindfold the spouse and ask her to locate her husband one of all of the guys in the area according to touch and olfactory functions. At no time speaking is permitted and remember to supervise the legged girl to prevent her from getting hurt. The game could be played with blindfolding the husband too.


That romantic paper dance  :


You will need:

  • Paper

How to play:

Make every couple in the homestand on a regular-sized square sheet of paper. Pick brightly colored sheets to increase the lively vibe of the celebration. Get 1 individual to control the audio, the same as musical chairs. Ask the planner to randomly stop the music.


Every time the audio replays, every bunch is likely to fold their sheets to half till there’s not any more space left to dancing on. Partners can hold one another, dancing on stand or toes on each other’s feet. The beautiful couple who stays until the very last wins!


Pyramid of coins


You will need:

  • Glass
  • Rice grains
  • Coins

How to play:

  • Have a glass of rice.
  • Give coins to the couples.
  • Each pair should produce a tower using the coins from the rice.
  • Whoever assembles the maximum pyramid is your winner.
  • The time limitation is 1 minute.



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